Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well, that was odd...

Lardmann (4:51:48 PM): Want to know my object of the day?
WeezerReference594 (4:51:54 PM): What???
Lardmann (4:52:02 PM): My object of the day.
WeezerReference594 (4:52:19 PM): what is it?
Lardmann (4:52:38 PM): Whiskey from 1812 aged in a crate made from Noah's Arc and Guttenberg bibles.
WeezerReference594 (4:52:56 PM): What the hell are you talking about?
Lardmann (4:53:03 PM): I think its hysterical
Lardmann (4:53:07 PM): perhaps im an idiot
WeezerReference594 (4:55:24 PM): hahaha


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