Sunday, March 27, 2005

A filthy take on history, race relations, and love making.

WeezerReference594 (12:49:29 AM): Strom Thurmond had jungle fever! Who knew?
TheNotoriousHINDU (12:49:51 AM): yup
WeezerReference594 (12:50:37 AM): He supported segregation, yet his WHITE penis was best friends with a BLACK vagina for a time.
TheNotoriousHINDU (12:50:42 AM): For 30 seconds intervals, to be exact.
WeezerReference594 (12:50:46 AM): That old codger!
TheNotoriousHINDU (12:51:08 AM): Separate but equal… in the cooch.
WeezerReference594 (12:51:31 AM): hahaha
TheNotoriousHINDU (12:51:40 AM): He supported the Jim Cooch laws.
TheNotoriousHINDU (12:52:11 AM): From the landmark case, Pussy vs. Ferguson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think you're hot shit don't you...

3:22 AM  

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