Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is hair-loss "Bogging" you down?

Wade Boggs, was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year with a career .328 average, 3010 hits, 12 all-star game selections, and a world championship in 1996. He was one of the premier hitters of the 1980s, and was living what would easily be considered a dream life to the average, baseball-obsessed American. But Wade Boggs was not happy. Wade Boggs was not complete. Wade Boggs... was losing his HAIR.

As the pop-up shown below from the hair-growth company "Medical Hair Restoration" illustrates, even with millions of dollars, celebrity, and a lifetime of avoiding actual "work," you can still be miserable. If "baseball legend" Wade Boggs is so unhappy (and perhaps, so broke) that he would sacrifice his self-respect to do advertisements for a company that apparently can stimulate a few more hair follicles ... can there really be hope for the rest of us, who are threatened with hair-loss, to ever find happiness? What about me? I batted .000 my 3rd and last year in Little League (yes, you read that right...0-for-44 with 44 strikeouts, not a single ball put into play). Am I doomed to be self-conscious forever?

Before: 3010 Hits, and dignity.
After: Zero Hits, no dignity...but some more hair! Posted by Hello

In addition, why the hell does Wade Boggs have pink hair in the "after" shot? Getting the plugs put in (and bad plugs at that, really look at the picture) is enough of an indication of a mid-life crisis, but pink hair? C'mon man! Are you Wade Boggs or Mike Pagliarulo? (Only 2 people will understand this reference...because only 2 people read this page.)

I wonder if anyone has taken the name "Wade Bloggs" on blogger? I wouldn't take it because this isn't a blog, it's a reputable humour journal written for wide-scale public consumption. I'm a writer. Take me seriously, dammit!

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