Saturday, July 23, 2005


MisterFurley (4:54:00 PM): Did you read my little tribute to John Ritter in my latest journal entry?
WeezerReference594 (4:54:46 PM): Yeah, I just read it. Good entry overall, though a bit scattered.
MisterFurley (4:55:05 PM): scattered?
MisterFurley (4:55:09 PM): I'll scatter you, fuckface!
WeezerReference594 (4:55:28 PM): Good closing line, but I wished you used my suggestion.
MisterFurley (4:55:33 PM): What suggestion?
WeezerReference594 (4:56:01PM): You should’ve closed with “Come and knock on heaven's door…God'll be waiting for you.” (sang to the “Three’s Company theme song).
MisterFurley (4:56:12 PM): That’s just downright tasteless. How dare you insult John Ritter’s memory like that! This conversation is over.
MisterFurley signed off at 4:56:15 PM

SIDENOTE: My friend Adam’s, now defunct, online humour journal can be found at


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