Monday, May 28, 2007

New Ideas...

Here are some under-developed thoughts that could become jokes one day:

-I don’t like seeing religion as an absolute thing. The idea of people damning other people to hell is ridiculous. Mandatory sentences? Do you really think God doesn’t have judicial discretion?

(My roommate Derek is in law school and finds this thought hilarious.)

- My friend Lindy recently reminded me of the racist song about Native Americans in Disney’s Peter Pan: “What Made the Red Man Red.”

What made the red man red???

The white people that drew cartoons at Disney, ofcourse!

Stupid question.

-I recently found out that one of the members of Ace of Base was a Neo-Nazi.

“I saw The Sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw The Sign.”

Makes you wonder what "The Sign" really was. A SWASTIKA, PERHAPS. Right, Ulf??

Ok, I’m going to lay off Ace of Base. The last thing I need is tons of angry messages from Ace of Base fans (Ace of Baseheads? Acers of Basers?).

I've received enough hatemail from Bryan Adams fans already. See comments on my “Summer of 69” bit on YouTube:

-The difference between fiction and non-fiction is confusing. Fiction mean “not-true” and non-fiction means “not not-true.”

Once again, I need to read more. That observation was stupid.

-King County, where the city of Seattle is found, was originally named for William Rufus de Vane King, a former Vice President...and slaveholder. So in 2005, the county was renamed after Martin Luther King to better reflect the area’s values, and the logo was changed from a little crown to a picture of MLK.

A wonderful gesture, in theory…but there’s something disturbing to me about seeing Martin Luther King’s image on police cars.

Imagine a person of color being slammed against a cop car while staring at the image of Dr. King.

I propose the caption: “What kind of “dream” is this? Please wake me up.” be placed underneath the logo.

The other option ofcourse is police officers not brutalizing people of color. I think it'll be easier to get a vote on the logo addition.

-As some of you might know, I’m moving to London in the Fall. Included in the list of reasons to be excited about my move is being able to ride in cars in England.

You see, I’m 24 and still do not know how to drive. In the UK, the cars drive on the opposite side of the road, and as a result, the driver sits on the right side of the car.


It’ll be like I’m driving in the States, except without any of the paperwork and responsibility.

-On this Memorial Day, still in the midst of an uncontrollable war in Iraq, never has the nickname for the American flag seemed so appropriate. “Old Glory.” As in: “Previous glory.” “Glory No Longer.” “Glory in the Past.”