Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Thought I Saved from the Shower

I do most of my best creative thinking in bed right before I drift to sleep at night, during long walks and while I'm taking a shower. All my former roommates will agree that the third place is most annoying as I take extremely long showers leading to habitual lateness and an increased water bill.

Here was a thought I had in the shower about my thoughts in the shower:

A dry erase board in the shower!! That is exactly what I need in here so I stop forgetting my best ideas by the time I get dressed. Hmm, I wonder if I could get one in here and put it on the wall at an angle where it was still convenient for me to write, but would prevent the board from getting wet and my thoughts from getting literally washed away. (Laughs to self.) That's funny "literally washed away." Wait, is that actually funny? Literally...washed...away. I don't know. Hmm...wait, if I put a dry erase board in here, I'm going to think too much about thinking in the shower and then I won't be able to think without pressure and that'll prevent me from being creative. Shit, it's a catch-22. Shit, shit, shit!! thinking about the dry erase board in here is pretty funny. Can I get out of here fast enough so I remember what I thought about and write it down? This could be good for the blog. I haven't updated it in forever. Man, I've been here for atleast 15 minutes and I haven't even touched the soap yet and now that I'm using this new liquid soap with this weird net sponge thingee, this shower is going to take forever. Oh shit, I have to get back to my global economy paper!

Well, there you go everybody. That's everything I can remember from the shower. Back to my global economy paper.


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