Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sprinkler in a Hurricane

I’m struggling to finish a paper and it's funny how it’s always these moments when my creative brain starts working again and I feel compelled to write. A broken automatic sprinkler that finally turns on during a hurricane.

No one says “Thank You” in London. It’s as if people here all feel entitled to have doors held open for them. I’m from New York and I actually think these people are assholes. Really well-dressed assholes.

London is a city filled with people of different races, cultures and nationalities. The most diverse group of assholes in the world.

I suppose there’s a possibility that these people choose not to say “thank you” just to me. However, that thought would be far more devastating than a gross generalization.

I’m sleep deprived and a bit frustrated with how this week has gone. I rush to get into a door at my college hall before it closes and I am forced to swipe my card into a machine, which never works immediately, to let myself in. Someone decided not to hold the door open for me. I guess not for me, specifically…but for everyone. It wasn’t just me, remember. He didn’t keep the door open for anyone and everyone.

As the door closed, I said to myself, “God, why can’t I catch a break today?”

Then, one of the grocery bags I was holding ripped open and all the contents fell to the floor.

Yup, that indeed would be a type of “break.” God is laughing. God has a sense of humour.

I imagine a very pregnant woman somewhere in the world at that very instant rushing to get an elevator. She misses it and also thinks to herself “God, why can’t I catch a break today?”

Her water breaks.

God has a sense of humour… and is funny.

There must be a God. The thought there isn’t a God would be far more devastating

God might be a gross generalization.


Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm sorry for your rough day, Hari. But you still had it in you to think about the pregnant lady and the elevator :)

This post reminds me of when I studied abroad in England almost 7 years ago, my friends and I were...touristically profiled (?) Four of us went into a Cathedral in Salisbury for an exhibit on something old or other, and the grey little lady was handing out pamphlets at the door. She proceeds to hand us one in Japanese. "No, no, no...we'd like the English ones please (in apparent English, er, North American)"

"Here you go..! Japanese for you!"

"No, really, we'd prefer ENGLISH, please"

after a few tries she relented. I guess I can't blame her since we were 1 Vietnamese, 1 Chinese, and 2 Koreans (of ethnicity, of course). And maybe her hearing aid was dead.

Hope school is going great, aside from *Papers*! :)

We miss you in SF-come back soon!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

School is turning my brain to mush too Hari... and here I thought it was going to have the opposite effect.

My only solace is that I can procrastinate further by reading your blog...sometimes I just re-read your entries to catch the really are hilarious. No really, I'm not a stalker.

When are you going to be in the US and do some stand-up again? I caught you in DC a while ago and you rocked.

School is over-rated... keep the posts coming; it's the only thing that keeps me going.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Siraj said...

Hi Hari, got your stand ups on youtube from Great fun!!

Here is my story

It was the month of Ramadan, and I was getting late to college, The APSRTC (Road Transport Corporation) was on a Bus Strike. NO Buses!! I somehow found a bus that left me in the exact middle of two bus stops. So I had to catch a running bus. I was wearing my freshly washed sneakers for the first time to college and I caught a running bus after running about 75 meters with the bus.. the guy on the foot board was not giving space. Only to realize the bus terminated after a few yards!!

I was like OMG..give... reached the college in a dilapidated condition. As i was fasting, spent the morning with a dry mouth.

At the afternoon prayer, thanked God for having given me a hard time and the ability to come out of it. I come out of the mosque.

My sneakers are nicked!!

Spent the remaining day shoeless. End of day begged a few rupees from friends. Another friend gave me a lift to a shoe shop. Bought a pair of chappals and caught a bus.

Remember I am fasting..was dizzy and all.. no seat in the bus. At last one gentleman was leaving his seat.. and a RUDE old man, pushes me aside and takes the seat after calling me "bakkoda" (thin guy).. That's it..I couldn't take it anymore.. but being the bakkodu that I am, I couldn't do much about it.

When I look back it feels like, "Woah, all that happened to me in one day!!"

I must have said, "Oh God give me a break!!" sometime that day

9:46 AM  

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