Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stewart Lee on Political Correctness

A friend recently introduced me to the comedy of Stewart Lee and I am quite grateful for this. The YouTube clips below are Stewart Lee's takes on "political correctness." He sums up the issue in a way I have been trying to for a while now. Perhaps I will express my thoughts on the issue more completely at some point in the future, as I promised in the journal entry FedEx-plain Yourself, but for now here's Stewart Lee:

And here he takes his basic idea bout "political correctness" expressed above and develops it into a brilliant 9 minute bit on his newest comedy special, Stewart Lee- 41st Best Standup Ever!
This is what comedy can be!

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Blogger Alan Mackenzie said...

I heard these on BBC Radio Four last year. I particularly liked the line "You can't take electric fires into the bath anymore - queers might see it".

Sadly, this would go over the top of most heads. Those who talk incessantly about political correctness yawn mad are at least as tedious, if not more so, than the people they're criticising.

3:15 PM  

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