Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coffee and Snow Covered Roads

When I lived in Seattle, a "snow storm" was an inch of snow. The city would immediately shut down with only the coffee shops left open. However, according to news reports, this one was legit and even forced my friends Blue Scholars to cancel their shows in town.

With this newly found free time Geologic (MC) and Sabzi (DJ) made a song called "Coffee and Snow," and then a music video for it using the freshly blanketed Seattle as a backdrop. The video was made in a day on a zero-dollar budget by friend and MANOJ director, Zia Mohajerjasbi.

Here it is:

A week later, after the snow started to melt, Ra Scion (MC, Common Market) made a song, with the same Sabzi-beat used in the aforementioned Blue Scholars song, called "Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads." (A play on the Scholars track and the name of the recently released, critically acclaimed Common Market record Tobacco Road.)

This video, again directed by Zia, is shot on the now melting Seattle streets with tongues firmly in respective cheeks:

My friends are talented.

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hey man do you happen to have the lyrics for common market's song? thanks

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