Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Reservations

I like Anthony Bourdain's food and travel show "No Reservations" a great deal. Ofcourse, like all shows of its ilk, it has its fair bit of cultural exotification.

I always find it strange when people feel the need to equate "my culture" (whatever that means to whoever is talking to me) with food.

Like this recent interaction I had with some idiot in Park Slope.

"Hey man, you're South Indian? That's awesome. I love South Indian food."

Who looks at a person and thinks of food immediately? You look at me and you salivate thinking about food you've had that people of my assumed "heritage" have made for you and served you in restaurants? Almost feels cannibalistic.

But I digress.

I do enjoy Bourdain's personality and he does provide the viewer with more historical context than most food and travel shows.

"Sri Lanka...something about the civil war...oh, the let's get to the curry."

After looking Anthony Bourdain up on Wikipedia, I found out that he battled drug addiction for many years.

According to the aforementioned online pedia:

"he sank to a point where he was selling his record collection on the street to get money for drugs."

Really, that's how far Anthony Bourdain sank? So far that he had to sell his Television LP?

So things got so bad...that they really didn't get all that bad?

Not to belittle Anthony Bourdain's battle with drug addiction, but I don't think I can sympathize with that particular aspect of his fight. It's not particularly compelling.

Really, we're supposed to feel bad about him selling his record collection? There's still privilege in having things, like records, to sell for drugs.

I'm less concerned with the person who has to rent out the spare room in their loft in SOHO for drug money and more with the person who has to rent out...their mouth.

Hmm...I think the whole point of this blog was being able to use the phrase "rent out their mouth."

Also, Anthony Bourdain was born in Leonia, NJ. Here's a shout out to my friend Emma, one of my most loyal fans.

"Yo EMMA!!!"

Yes Emma, you get the shout out in what will later be known as "that unfortunate Anthony Bourdain mouth rental post."

Now, here's a picture of Anthony Bourdain sitting with some Brown people:

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