Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Food, Episode 1

Here is the pilot episode of Randall Park's new Channel 101 show "The Food." Randall is the man who brought us the genius that is Dr. Miracles. (Look Dr. Miracles is what it is, but what "it is" happens to be hilarious! Why does my brow always have to be kept high?)

I have a vested interest in this show's success since Randall is a friend of mine... and I happen to be in the first episode.

(There's a line that was cut from my part that I still think is great. After eating dinner, I say "This has a pre-1903 Coca Cola flavor that I just can't get enough of.")

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OpenID jcruelty said...

hahaha excellent deployment of coke rap

12:37 AM  

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