Friday, September 25, 2009

Bill Hicks' Comedic Philosophy

"Could I recommend some jugglers you might like?"

-Bill Hicks to the BBC Interviewer who just does not understand that comedy does not need to merely be about saying whatever it takes to make any person laugh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Topps Predicts Barry Bonds' Future

This is a Barry Bonds Topps Kids baseball card from 1992...before Bonds apparently starting doing steroids.

How did you know, Topps?

Friday, September 18, 2009

"I'm # 1" by Keith Mannina

"I'm #1" by Keith Mannina

Commissioned in mid- 2007. Completed in June 2009.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hari Kondabolu and The Washington Bus

While I was in Seattle the last couple of weeks telling comedy jokes and having crazy things happen, I also shot some videos for my friends at the Washington Bus who are urging folks to Vote YES on Referendum 71 and Vote NO on Initiative- 1033.

Initiative 1033 would "would limit growth of certain state, county and city revenue to annual inflation and population growth, not including voter-approved revenue increases. Revenue collected above the limit would reduce property tax levies." There is a fear that such a measure to lower property taxes would lead to spending cuts in health care, education, the environment and other fundamental social services.

Here are things I say about this:

I-1033, what's next?


Regarding Education:

The Environmental Impact:

Ref. 71 would asks "Washington state voters to re-confirm the expansion of domestic partnership rights and obligations in Washington's originally limited domestic partnership legislation." The Washington Bus urges you to vote YES. These maniacs want you to vote NO:

Here's what I have to say about it:

And here is what our friends at the pro-domestic partnership campaign Washington Families Standing Together have to say about it:

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Cosby on Race in Comedy

As a comedian of color, there are often expectations of the kind of material you are supposed to do. I am an Indian-American comedian, so I apparently have to talk about my parents (and do an accented impression) and make a 711 joke...etc. This does not mean that discussing ethnicity in this particular way is necessarily hacky...but I hate the fact it is expected. Why should I be expected to do anything other than attempt to be funny and tell my particular story on stage.

This being said, I found this great clip of a young Bill Cosby discussing similar expectations placed on him as a Black comic in the 1960s and making a sound analogy between him and Dick Gregory and Sid Caesar and Mort Sahl. There is room in this art form for the clown AND the dissident soothsayer...regardless of cultural/ racial/ ethnic background.

It's a shame some issues are timeless, but it is still inspiring to hear a young Bill Cosby confront similar issues before becoming a legendary, ground-breaking comedian. (And then to see Richard Pryor assume he had to be Bill Cosby before figuring out who he actually was on stage.)

And no, I am not calling myself a "dissident soothsayer." Even though I have been referred to as a "sayer" in an India Currents article and my 2006 performance at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival "eviscerated Western hypocrisy with a verbal razor" according to the Seattle Times.

I am just a man.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Hug Song by Zia Mohajerjasbi

My good friend, and MANOJ director, Zia Mohajerjasbi made this video for his friend Rebequa Murphy. I agree with its sentiments wholeheartedly.

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