Monday, December 28, 2009

Are you a sardine?

Last week, while in the passenger seat of a car in Seattle, I took a photo of the license plate of the car in front of me.

It reads "IMINOIL"

I'm in oil?

Why would this be on this man's license plate?

Does he work for an oil company?

Is it a deeper statement about the state of his life? He feels trapped? Perhaps by his own personal dependence on foreign oil?

Or could he perhaps, like myself, be a HUGE Stewart Lee fan?

This last question will make more sense after watching this video clip from Stewart Lee's 2007 Edinburgh set. This piece is about his mother's obsession with a standup performance she saw from former British gameshow host and current road/sea comedian Tom O'Connor on a cruise ship.

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Blogger Dominic said...

i'd like to imagine that the driver is 'a small oily fish'

7:35 PM  

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