Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mark Twain Tonight!

I've always enjoyed the writings of Mark Twain, particularly the short stories, so when my friend Sam's father Mark introduced me to "Mark Twain Tonight!" I was blown away.

Actor Hal Holbrook has been doing Twain for over 50 years now. So long now that he no longer has to wear a white wig and mustache.



I had the pleasure of seeing the show in an unfortunately half-filled Moore Theater several years ago in Seattle, and I can honestly say that it was amongst the best comedic performances I have ever seen.

Holbrook becomes Twain. He seamlessly transitions from one Twain piece to the next and is able to draw from a broad range of works in Twain's catalogue, even tailoring segments of the night somewhat to fit the current state of world affairs. In the middle of two wars, Holbrook focused on Twain's pieces on war and governments and religion and human nature. Incredible.

This is stand-up comedy to me. Well paced, well delivered, well written stand-up comedy. Truly inspiring.

Here Twain discusses Religion and Nationalism:

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