Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MINORITYFEST 2009: This Friday Dec 11th at Glasslands Gallery in NYC!

Minorityfest 2009
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2009 @ GLASSLANDS (289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn)
Doors: 7 PM
Cost: $7

Minorityfest 2009 is a ONE NIGHT ONLY multimedia event being held at Glasslands in Brooklyn featuring nationally-recognized artists of color in comedy, music and visual art. While some artists were chosen for the overt or subversive political value of their art, others were invited simply because of the value of their craft and what it brings to the festival. The goal is to highlight amazing and inspirational artists of color who perform in Williamsburg, bring artists to the area who deserve recognition, and hopefully attract a diverse audience to the festival that reflects the talent represented and the nature of this city's population.

The event was conceived as a means of showcasing and connecting various marginalized artists across many media, many of whom create art that serves to either discuss issues of cultural alienation and marginalization or else complicate popular conceptions about their culture by virtue of the very existence of their art.

The festival will begin with a panel discussion comprised of a racially diverse array of artists, academics, comedians and writers discussing what they do and issues they face as artists of color. The panel will be moderated by Himanshu Suri and Ashok Kondabolu of Das Racist and will include Dallas Penn, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd (of the Fader), Jay Smooth (of Ill Doctrine) and Sam Han.

This will be followed by a comedy show featuring comedians Ali Wong, Sheng Wang, Hari Kondabolu, Baron Vaughn, Victor Varnado and Kumail Nanjiani.

The night will continue with musical performances by POPO, Das Racist and Gordon Voidwell.

Rounding out the night are DJ sets from Sabzi of hip hop group, Blue Scholars and rapper Despot (Definitive Jux)
SCHEDULE: - (start times)
PANEL - 8:00 PM
MUSIC: 11:00
DJ SETS: 2:00 AM

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Blogger Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

Love your cocoa butter bit! I've seen some of your older sets... and over the past few days online, some of your more recent sets - and am WOWED by what you're doing now.

You've definitely got a new fan.


9:25 AM  
Anonymous Fellow Gulti said...

Hi Hari,
I saw you act last Sunday as part of "Mkae Chai Not War" you are mangoing awesome. :-)
I liked your act the most, more than Rajiv too, Azhar hardly does political stuff anymore :-(.
I would like say though that the hatred of dark skin and worship of the lighter skin is not a British import but rather a manifestation of our Aryan-Dravidian divide and caste system. I am not letting the British off the hook here, I can never forgive them for outlawing relief work while millions died of famine in 1943 Bengal famine.

That's just my two cents.
Good luck and continue being mad at stuff.

11:30 AM  

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