Friday, March 12, 2010

Racist Fingerpuppets at IKEA

Thanks to Anshu and Figgy for capturing this madness at the IKEA in Brooklyn

Really IKEA? Is this what "diversity" looks like to you? An ideal world with finger puppets mixing together on the same (white) hand, as long as the one Brown puppet is the cook?

Why does there have to be racism in the world of finger puppets? Is nothing sacred?

Why can't it be a Brown couple with a white cook? Or a Brown couple with a Brown cook and a white kid?

And where are the Asian, South Asian and Latino finger puppets? Are they not allowed on the hand? Are they too busy cleaning the floors, Racist-ass IKEA? Is this how your kids play with fingerpuppets in Sweden?

You could have had the decency of putting the Brown puppet on the middle finger. At least give us some symbolic justice!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

and now you're being racist by not including red and yellow and black people. just shut up and grow some testacles. they aren't being racist. you're just an idiot who wants to blame everyone else in the world for any and every thing that happens.

3:30 PM  
OpenID jenkwok said...

My fantasy fingpup fam would have an Asian guy with squinty eyes (or no eyes - whichev!) and a Mexican busboy as the pinkie. Oh, and BTW, I really hate to tell you that I agree with this relevant and well-grounded statement about "testacles" (see below).

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! The Guy above is taking you SERIOUSLY! That's the funniest thing of all.

7:40 PM  
Blogger gijyun said...

How do you know the brown chef isn't a James Beard-award winning masture of culinary arts who owns three five-star restaurants, a house in St. Lucia, and gives regular presentations at TED every year on how cuisine is a modern form of flavor rhetoric? Maybe it's YOU who's the racist.

10:14 AM  

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