Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Pentacostal Church in Williamsburg

A few months ago, I was wandering around Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I stumbled into this Pentecostal Church:

Fair or unfair, when I think of Williamsburg, I don't generally think of religion. I think of godless, tight panted, generally white, adult children of privilege who treat the space like the small college towns they went to school in. I once heard someone compare Williamsburg to Madison, Wisconsin...and I almost exploded. (Again, I generalize and Williamsburg, like most things, is much more complicated.)

Anyway, when I think of Williamsburg, I definitely do not think of a Pentacostal church. So, what's more amazing than a Pentecostal church in Williamsburg?

How about how said church has been trying to recruit new followers? Check out the poster I saw hanging outside:

Clearly with the influx of young, "tight pantsters" in the area (avoiding the word "hipster" because I don't really know what it means), this Pentacostal Church wanted to find a way to appeal to this new demographic.

"Well, they love music. How about we display a Christian version of Rolling Stone to grab their attention? Rolled The Stone Away Magazine!"

Too bad "tight pantsters" don't really read Rolling Stone.

My favorite parts of this poster include:

-"Special Report: Jesus is bigger than the Beatles." Jesus Christ! That's in reference to something John Lennon said in 1966. This church still has an issue with the Beatles?? Have any of them listened to popular music since then? So much more for them to legitimately hate!

- "Jesus explains why Heaven is the best music venue around!" Yeah, I seriously doubt that is true. If there's a Christian heaven and hell, the best musicians are burning in hell. And who wants to hear Christian rock musicians in heaven? Christian rock music is probably even more annoying in Christian heaven. "Yeah dude, Jesus is right there... you can stop talking about him."

Finally, at the very bottom:

- "Also: Free Trip to Heaven" Are they threatening to kill people?

Or maybe this Pentacostal Church was built recently for the sake of being ironic. The use of the literary device "irony" seems to be big in Williamsburg. Perhaps some could even argue it is overused...and annoying.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I made a movie a few years ago called MANOJ. Here it is:

And today I received the following YouTube message:

"Hi my name is [NAME WITHHELD] and I work for the University of Alaska Anchroage Student Activities office. I noticed you posted Manoj's video on Youtube and was wondering if you have any contact information for him. We are interested in possibly booking him for a a show but he has no contact information listed. If you have any information on how to contact him or his agent, please email me back at [E-MAIL WITHHELD]"

I don't know how to break this to you, [NAME WITHHELD]...but Manoj Krishnamurthy is dead. I killed him with a razor and some shaving cream.

Before you call the police to report me for murder, let me clarify further: MANOJ KRISHNAMURTHY IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER THAT I CREATED AND THEN PLAYED FOR A SHORT FILM. HE IS NOT REAL.

Friends, I would like to tell you this has never happened before...but it has...and will continue.

It's hilarious and depressing.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow, William Steig

This image is from a page of the children's book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig.

The plot of the book really does not matter. What does matter:

COPS AS a children's book!

According to Wikipedia, the book has been banned in parts of the country as a result of Steig's decision to portray the police in this way.

Did he know what he was doing? Was it intentional? Was he unaware of this popularly used expression for the police? Does he have no minority friends?

So many questions.

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Black in Time

In recent weeks, I've been working on a bit about who gets to time travel in films and what would happen if people of color, and specifically myself, ever got a chance to change the past.

Then today, my friend Courtney sent me a picture of...


"A black militant, a white supremacist, and a time travel device tangle in a fight to rewrite history and eternity."


I had never heard of Black in Time by John Jakes before today, but I now know I must purchase this book.

Here is a further description of the book from a review on

"A scientist has introduced a time travel device in a near-future America that's on the brink of a major race war. A black militant and a white supremacist both attempt to use the time machine to go back and alter history for the benefit of their respective races. The protagonist Harold, a peaceful black scientist, tries to prevent both bad guys from the unknown effects of time travel (the handy "don't alter the future" theme for all post-Bradbury time travel stories), while also exploring his own racial sympathies and internal struggles. This is a suspenseful and rip-roaring story with some deep thoughts on human nature and racial conflict, though Jakes zooms through his plot devices way too fast to really explore the full ramifications of his story."

Don't worry, reader. I promise you that the "full ramifications" will be explored in the Black in Time movie and its sequels...which I have now made it my life's goal to write.

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