Sunday, May 02, 2010

Black in Time

In recent weeks, I've been working on a bit about who gets to time travel in films and what would happen if people of color, and specifically myself, ever got a chance to change the past.

Then today, my friend Courtney sent me a picture of...


"A black militant, a white supremacist, and a time travel device tangle in a fight to rewrite history and eternity."


I had never heard of Black in Time by John Jakes before today, but I now know I must purchase this book.

Here is a further description of the book from a review on

"A scientist has introduced a time travel device in a near-future America that's on the brink of a major race war. A black militant and a white supremacist both attempt to use the time machine to go back and alter history for the benefit of their respective races. The protagonist Harold, a peaceful black scientist, tries to prevent both bad guys from the unknown effects of time travel (the handy "don't alter the future" theme for all post-Bradbury time travel stories), while also exploring his own racial sympathies and internal struggles. This is a suspenseful and rip-roaring story with some deep thoughts on human nature and racial conflict, though Jakes zooms through his plot devices way too fast to really explore the full ramifications of his story."

Don't worry, reader. I promise you that the "full ramifications" will be explored in the Black in Time movie and its sequels...which I have now made it my life's goal to write.

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Anonymous ps said...

science fiction, race, and time travel? gotchu: octavia e. butler's kindred. if you know it and love it already then grr8!! if you don't know it you'll probably love it, it's grr8!

2:28 PM  

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