Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm The Other One

A few days ago, Amar (a fan and good guy from SF) sent me an e-mail with the subject "You're quoted in the most recent Game Developer (June/July 2010)"

Game Developer is apparently a video game magazine, making my supposed appearance highly unlikely. The only video games I have played in the last 10 years are "Little League Baseball" for the old Nintendo system, "Tetris" for Gameboy, "ViruaTennis" for Playstation and "Wii Boxing."

But here I am mentioned on page 43 of Game Developer in an article entitled "The Real World: The Ups and Downs of Using Real-World Reference Material"

"Working with real-world subjects also raises interesting ethical and practical questions. Comedian Hari Kondabalou has a great routine about his mixed feelings on tearing open his eagerly awaited copy of MODERN WARFARE 2 and discovering a multiplayer map set in his home town of Karachi. Not only was he offended, he didn't even gain any tactical advantage for fighting on his home turf!"


A couple of things, Game Developer Magazine:

1) "Kondabalou?" Really, man? You didn't even bother double-checking the spelling of my name for this article? You were that confident that you spelled my name right? Do you know what Google says when you type in Hari Kondabalou? It says "Did you mean Hari Kondabolu?" Did you not mean him? Were you convinced there was another dude with a remarkably similar name also doing standup comedy in the United States? Or were you just that lazy?

2) That's not my joke. And unfortunately for you, I know who's joke that is. It's this guy's:

This is my friend, the very talented, also South Asian (Pakistani, to be exact), and avid video game fan, KUMAIL NANJIANI.

Though annoying, this is not the worst time I've been confused with another comedian. That would be the famous Election Night 2008 incident.

Still, I'm still bummed people can't tell us apart. This is not the first time Kumail and I have been confused with each other. Last year, before my set at a bar in the Lower East Side, a bartender yelled at me for not paying for my "Rum and Diet Coke." I only drink water before shows and, as my inner circle knows, when I do drink rum I prefer it to be mixed with Dr. Pepper (Regular Coke, if necessary.) After telling the bartender I didn't order that drink, she made a bee-line to Kumail and then yelled at him.

Anyway, I think it's time for another quick review of Brown folks (last time I had to do this is when that stupid woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn compared me to the dude from Lost):







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